3 MINUTES BULLSHIT WITH GEORGE #24: Tricks Inside Google UAC Reports with Andre Kempe 

Episode #24 of 3 MINUTES BULLSHIT WITH GEORGE featured Andre Kempe, CEO at Admiral Media. We discussed how tricky are Google UAC reports. 

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In this episode of 3 MINUTES BULLSHIT WITH GEORGE, George Natsvlishvili is joined by Andre Kempe, CEO at Admiral Media. Admiral Media is a highly specialized performance marketing & mobile app marketing agency. 

Andre shares his experience as a Mobile Growth Expert about the Tricks Inside Google UAC Reports.

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Transcript & Key takeaways from the episode:


George: I want to ask a quick question to you regarding Google. Tell us bullshit about Google UAC?

Andre: I’ll try my best. Many people ask around like what is fraud in app marketing and very often in, let's say private conversations, I'm sharing that probably the biggest fraud machine out there is still Google. 

But what I mean with that is basically that they are really good at hiding where the traffic comes from. I'm not saying it's fraudulent traffic, but how they are reporting this it's a little bit optimized, let's call it this way. And advertisers are easily following just the table that they see, the numbers that they are getting reported. And they believe in what they see, and just make budget decisions on that. They do not interpret, what's behind that, right?

And what I mean with that Google is mixing in so many different types of traffic into the results that they always look good in the end of day. While the advertiser does not really have in mind that is maybe just brand search traffic that's happening there or maybe that's a good portion of it. If it's on the regular Google platform or on YouTube this type of traffic still converts much better than regular display traffic. But the overall blended numbers look much better than the standard display channel, like Facebook or Instagram or whatever. So that's why I'm sometimes saying, do not just make a better decision on the pure ROAS number that you might get reported from a certain channel, try to interpret it.

George: Cool. So you are talking that Google is full of fraud. 

Andre: I’m saying it's not full of fraud. They are optimizing the way  they report numbers. And we, advertisers, tend to make the wrong decision based just on the table without the knowledge having that we have in heads already: that they are blended in various types of traffic.    

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