3 MINUTES BULLSHIT WITH GEORGE #26: UA Strategy for a New Product Launch with a Big Budget with Luca Stefanutti

Episode #26 of 3 MINUTES BULLSHIT WITH GEORGE featured Luca Stefanutti, Director of Growth at Runtastic. We discussed how to set up a UA strategy for a new product launch if you have a big amount of budget. 

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In this episode of 3 MINUTES BULLSHIT WITH GEORGE, George Natsvlishvili is joined by Luca Stefanutti, Director of Growth at Runtastic. Runtastic is one of the best fitness apps, providing a great user experience for the worldwide community with the Adidas Running and Adidas Training apps.

Luca shares his experience as a Mobile Growth Expert about the UA Strategy for a New Product Launch with a Big Budget

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Transcript & Key takeaways from the episode:


George: I want to shoot one question to you. Question regarding user acquisition. If you are planning to launch a new product and if you have a big amount of budget, what are your recommendations to spend it properly and not to waste it?

Luca: That's a great question. It's actually what I'm doing like a kind of in a daily life. Yeah, and basically, there are three things based on my experience. 

The first one is that you need to actually test before in the sense that even if you have an embargo on the product, actually, just to launch campaigns point into something else, optimizing for something. You don't want to go in the learning phrase exactly during the first day of the campaign launch. 

The second point is about how your budget should be spent. There are a lot of people who just have like a couple of zeros and then suddenly the first day, it's like also the one who spends the most. Actually, it doesn't work. Start and scale it up gradually. You don't need to be only at the very beginning, but like, scale it up like a bit gently and slowly. Let it optimize, let it work through it. 

And the third thing is about the scaling down part. The scaling down part is tougher in the sense that you don't want to cannibalize what you created and you don't want to also if it's an app get penalized on the stores and so on because it's classified as a burst campaign. So just scale it down easily, not, not so, not so fast. Um, think it, think it through that, it should actually follow the same curve that they actually went up until you reach your new organic baseline. So those are my suggestions.

George: So the first is that you have to gently scale up then gently scale down to avoid cannibalisation of organic. Right? 

Luca: Yeah. And test it a the very beginning stage, like take at least 30% of the time of the campaign and put it at the very beginning, even if you have an embargo.


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