3 MINUTES BULLSHIT WITH GEORGE #33: App Launch Strategy in New Markets with Manuel Mainetti      

Episode #33 of 3 MINUTES BULLSHIT WITH GEORGE featured Manuel Mainetti, Business Developer at PhotoSì. We discussed how to be prepared for launching the app in new territories.   

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In this episode of 3 MINUTES BULLSHIT WITH GEORGE, George Natsvlishvili is joined by Manuel Mainetti, Business Developer at PhotoSì. PhotoSì is an app for printing photos and creating photobooks. 

Manuel shares his experience as a Mobile Growth Expert about the strategy for launching the app in new territories. 

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Transcript & Key takeaways from the episode:

George: So whenever the app is popular in one country, but you want to expand to a new market what is the best way to approach in terms of online marketing? 

Manuel: My experience is on a shopping app. So basically we do photo products like photo books, frames and so on. And so the first thing that you have to do in our job is look for a budget. Okay, because user acquisition campaigns are costly, especially on traditional channels like socials: Facebook, TikTok, Google, etc. So you need money before starting because otherwise without enough budget it's difficult to beat well-known apps in other countries. 

After the budget, after that, you know that you have enough budget, then you start working on an analysis of the incumbent competitors in the market. So you have to know what are their strategies, what are the user acquisition channels, and what are the creatives that they use. 

And after that you know that you can start working on the strategy, the strategy that is based on the competitor's insights and on the insights that you have from your own market, because maybe you are better than them doing something and you have to take that competencies abroad.

And after that, you have to do localization, number four. People who are in the relevant market have to understand perfectly your brand, they have to understand the copy of your app, understand everything and everything should work very very well. So you have to hire a person that is responsible for localization. 

After that the most important thing before starting investing money is data. And data has to work perfectly. So basically, for instance, for SKAN you need to track very well the conversion, you have to do your conversion schema. Also with Google with Firebase, for instance, you have to track perfectly data on the GA4 platform and everything should work very very smoothly. 

After that creatives, you have to build amazing creatives. People in the relevant market have to see your creatives that are standing and click on them in order to generate new downloads and new purchases. 

And after you have that you just have to start with your team to test, iterate and test again. That's something that never stops because testing is forever and every day you just have to improve. If you improve yourself and the skills of your team every day. 

George: Cool, man. So the main points are doing relocation budgets, doing analysis, calculating the LTV, and data, doing great creatives, localization, and customization. 

Manuel: Exactly. 

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