3 MINUTES BULLSHIT WITH GEORGE #25: Web2App Campaigns for Apps with Gessica Bicego 

Episode #25 of 3 MINUTES BULLSHIT WITH GEORGE featured Gessica Bicego, CMO at Paired. We discussed why and how to use web-to-app campaigns for apps. 

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In this episode of 3 MINUTES BULLSHIT WITH GEORGE, George Natsvlishvili is joined by Gessica Bicego, CMO at Paired. Paired is one of the best couples apps, designed to be the daily guide to a happier, healthier relationship. 

Gessica shares her experience as a Mobile Growth Expert about the Web-to-App Campaigns for Apps.

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Transcript & Key takeaways from the episode:


George: How to use web-to-app campaigns for your app?

Gessica: Yeah, of course. So, I mean, the first questions probably is “Why?” and the reasons like with iOS 14, you know, and all these like difficulties on tracking more and more companies are moving to web acquisition even if they are mobile and then of course like, earn more because you don't have to pay 30% fees. And so more and more companies are doing that. 

In my experience, what I have done when I was at Blinkist especially is that we did a lot of user acquisition on web ads, but it was actually mobile web. And we would do it through paid content. So with channels like Outbrain or Taboola, where you lead people to a piece of content, where you tell them about your app and only at the end they convert. Most people were still convert on mobile. So you still have to pay the fee. 

But a nice thing is that now with iOS 14 for team you can actually track them. And so that's the difference and that can really, really work. Otherwise, another idea is to leave people to specific onboarding flows on the web. And again, you can track them. So you have better control of your campaigns and it just work. 

“How to do it?” Well, you should start from scratching like, you know, building an onboarding flow that works for you. Maybe ask customers questions. You offer customized content to the user, and you just take it from there. I did it for Blinkist. Now I’m doing it again at Paired. Hopefully, for the time by you publish this video, it's gonna be working, like crazy, but I'm still in the beginning. And what I did is that I set it up campaigns on Outbrain and Taboola, I figured out which topics people are looking for. We're talking about relationships, so sex and intimacy is one important topic, quizzes are also working very well. And save them for landing pages. So, we ask people “What do you want to improve about your relationship?”. We lead people to the web. At the end, they download the app but then we have all the impression, all the click attribution regarding their ads. And you can optimize the campaign. So that would be my recommendation. 

George: Ok. Cool. So if you are app you definitely have to try the web campaign.     

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